It’s been a while…

Well Hello Everyone!

It’s definitely been a while since I was last on here…like almost a year. That’s waaaayyy too long. I have been super busy and also down in the dumps. Honestly, the last thing on my mind was getting on here.

I know I started this out as a makeup blog, and honestly and surprisingly I haven’t put makeup on in weeks!!! SHOCKER, I know!! I have felt beautiful and comfortable in my own (pale) skin. My face has never looked better…besides the big planet on my chin. It feels great not having to spend hours getting ready just to take it all off at the end of the day. It’s also really nice letting people see who I really am. I have realized that I don’t need all the makeup to look and feel beautiful…although it’s an added bonus when I do have it on.

Besides this “makeup blog”, I was fired from my job of almost 3 years (don’t even wanna talk about it) and I’m not back at the previous job I was at 6 years ago. It’s a job until I find something else long term lol. I also recently, 7 months ago, lost my Papa. He was like a father to me; helped raise me, was always there, would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He battled years and years…& I mean like 30+ on and off years of cancer. Before his passing he had been going through treatments of Bladder Cancer. He was put in the hospital and pneumonia a week or so before his passing.

My mother’s 1 year anniversary of her passing was in November. I can honestly say it does get easier. I never believed anyone when they said that. I couldn’t even understand why someone’s death could be easier on you. I realized my Mama and Papa aren’t suffering anymore, they are both cancer free, and are my two wonderful Guardian Angels!



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