DiY Brow Tint at Home!


I will admit I was a little scared to try this out. I have only gotten my brows tinted one time which was professionally done. I was impressed with the outcome but my wallet wasn’t impressed with the price.

I used the “Just for Men Mustache & Beard Brush in Color Gel” in medium-dark brown. With this one box (that was $7) you can get a good amount of applications. The amount I had mixed up was probably double what I actually used.


I just followed the instructions on the box and I used the brush it came with, it may be easier with throw away spoolie if you have that on hand or even a flat liner/eyeliner brush. I also applied some of the product with a q-tip.

An extra step that is very helpful if you are a little messy, is to apply some Vaseline all around the outside of your brows. It will help the color from clinging and tinting your skin. I also had some Lula Beauty Hair Color Remover Wipes that I had purchased from Ulta a few months back. I actually didn’t need to use this. I wasn’t too messy and the Vaseline helped a lot. You honestly don’t need the Vaseline either if you remove the excess color immediately.

Lastly, I wanted my brows slightly darker so I did leave the product on a little longer that it said…like double the time. Not sure if you should but I still have my brows so it obviously isn’t that bad.



**i didn’t use the nair strips, i didn’t have a lot of hair to wax plus those strips take forever to warm up.

XoXo, Molly


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