Do’s & Don’ts of Makeup

Who taught you how to do makeup? Did they teach you the basic do’s and don’ts of makeup? Do you even know the do’s and don’ts? I want to share with you my list of do’s and don’ts that I stick by.

  • Prep face: You want to make sure you have a blank slate; cleanse, tone, and moisturize you face before you do anything else
  • Prime face: this is the base for all other products. It will enhance your makeup and allow products to do on smoother
  • Foundation first, concealer second: If you apply concealer first it won’t be doing its job; so apply it after foundation to get best results
  • Concealer no more than 2 shades lighter than foundation: You never want to have concealer any lighter than 2 shades of your foundation. You do want to brighten but don’t want it to look too bright or even look white
  • Clean your brushes: This is key for good application and quality of makeup. If you don’t wash your brushes weekly or even daily, product will build up and cake on your brushes or applicators
  • Use complementary shadow: You want to enhance and bring out your eye color, so why not use complementary colors to do so
  • BLEND, BLEND, & BLEND!!! : This probably should’ve been number one. This is VERY important. You don’t want you makeup to look thrown on or even clown like

  • Don’t over draw lips: Please don’t, just don’t. It’s not cute and you look like clowns.
  • Don’t forget to BLEND: I’m covering this again because it’s SO important.
    • Contour: You want your contour/bronze to look natural
    • Shadow: You don’t want it to look like someone stamped it on your eyes
  • Don’t sleep in your makeup: I will admit I don’t always follow this but it’s important to make sure you wash you face before bed. Your skin needs to breathe and repair and you don’t want to clog your pores
  • Don’t use your fingers or cheap applicators: Applying makeup with your fingers will just put oil in your makeup and on your face. Cheap applicators will soak up more products than left on your face
  • Don’t overly contour: You don’t want to look like mud was thrown on your face
  • Don’t go too dramatic: You want to look natural and beautiful. Unless you’re going drag, Halloween, or another special event, tone it down and natural
  • Don’t forget to set: Setting concealer with powder will limit the creasing and fine line that show through. Setting foundation with powder will keep it in place. Setting your whole face with setting spray will finish it off with a flawless, smooth finish and will also help it stay on longer.

    XoXo, Molly

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