“Baking” Pros & Cons

Who loves to bake?? No, not like baking in the kitchen; but baking your face! I know it sounds silly and I never thought I would ever try it. I felt like it would take me even longer to do my makeup and that it was pretty much pointless.

The first time I tried it I couldn’t say I was hooked but I have to give it another go to really see. I also wanted to try it on different occasions to see the effect it has. Did my makeup last longer in general? Did it last longer in hotter weather? Did I crease less?

Although baking has its pros and cons, I absolutely love baking my face. It makes a difference in the way my makeup looks in my opinion.  


  • Some powders can look cakey or set into your creases and fine lines when you use too much concealer
  • Some powders have the AWFUL flashback!
  • It feels really dry and stiff like on the skin. I have oily skin so I would hate to be the dry skin people using some powders
  • If you are a pale face like me, you will need to bronze, bronze, and bronze!!!



  • Baking is a great for brightening the under eye or any part of the face
  • There are more layers on your face so the coverage is a little extra
  • The wear time is a little longer
  • I didn’t get as oily as fast due to the powder absorbing it



XoXo, Molly

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