My Makeup Space


Do you ever imagine what others makeup areas look like? Do they have extravagant spaces, rooms full of makeup, and lights set up everywhere? Do they have a small area on their bathroom counter? Well as for me, it would be none of them! I don’t have a fancy area with the perfect lighting.

My space includes:

  • The living room
  • Terrible YELLOW lighting
  • The couch
  • TV dinner tray

That’s right, I do my makeup in the living room…E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y!! I am amazed every day at how my makeup turns out as good as it does with the set up and lighting I have.

Thankfully we will be moving to a house twice the size of our apartment now and I will have my own BEAUTY ROOM!!! I am so excited and cannot wait. When I get the space set up I will most definitely be posting pictures and updates of my space!

I would love to see your makeup/beauty space where you get all primped up and ready for the day. Comment pictures below or tag me on social media.

If you have any ideas of suggestions on what I should do in my future beauty room, I would love to hear them!


XoXo, Molly


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