Beauty Terminology

Ever wonder what some words in the beauty industry mean? There always seems to be new words every time you turn around. Sometimes I wonder how people even come up with these names and techniques. I have listed a few below that I have tried, some I haven’t, and even some that I have never even heard of until I was doing my research.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite beauty techniques are and even some you haven’t tried but are wanting to!


  • Baking is when you apply a translucent powder to the skin letting your body heat “melt” or “cook” the powder which will create a flawless finish once it is brushed away.
  • Balayage is a highlighting technique for the hair which uses freehand painting strokes to mimic a sun-kissed hair look.
  • Ombre is when your hair color gradually goes from dark to light.
  • Contouring is when you use makeup to give the illusion of shape to facial features. Use contouring to “slim” down facial features.
  • Cut Crease is using eye shadow in your crease (or to make an illusion of another crease) to create a dramatic appearance.
  • Over lining is when you draw outside of your natural (lip) line to make a fuller effect.
  • Root Stamping is where you press your mascara wand against the root of your lashes to make them have a thicker/ fuller appearance.
  • Stippling is you apply your liquid foundation in a dotting motion for an airbrushed-like finish.
  • Strobing is applying highlighter to all the areas of the face where the sun naturally hits the face for a more dewy effect.
  • Tightline is the effect of making you lash line more defined by filling in the base of your lashes and in between them with liner.
  • Waterline is the “wet” part of the inner eyelid.
  • Beat Down is when you use a lot of products to contour.


XoXo, Molly

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