Haul AND Review

A haul AND a review??? Whhhaaattt?!?! That’s right, I’m bringing you a haul & review combo today. For this haul I made a video of what I bought instead of taking pictures…let’s just hope the video will upload but if not I will take pictures and post them later.

On my little shopping spree I went to 4 different stores; Ulta, Target, and 2 different Dollar Trees. I was ISO items for my beauty room I will be having when I move in about a month. Trying to find some décor and accessories to display around. I had been watching some Dollar Tree DIY Beauty Room Storage videos earlier this morning and new I could do some of them!

  • Dollar Tree #1: I purchased a few candle stick holders to make a tiered tray to display products. For more storage and displays I purchased 2 gold display easels, 2 square class jars, and some white pebbles and black pebbles. I also bought 4 brushes, lashes, and makeup wipes all by Wet N Wild; along with some eye shadow powder and liquid liner from L.A. Colors. Lastly, I picked up a wine glass I will be putting my beauty blenders in.
  • Dollar Tree #2: I purchased a few silver serving trays that I will be spray painting gold that I will use with the candle stick holders. I picked up some mascara and mascara primer by Wet N Wild.
  • Target: I need some more wash clothes for when I do my makeup so I got an 8 pk of those, I picked up two little jewelry display coasters that were on clearance, a candle that I will use for décor that was also on clearance, cosmetic wedges, 2 new beauty blenders, an elf blush/bronzer/highlighter palette, and acrylic storage container.

  • Ulta: I spent a little more than expected…as always lol. I bought the Tarte Hybrid Gel Foundation, Tarte Tartiest Pro Palette, a Makeup Revolution Blush, 2 Makeup Revolution Highlighters, and a new NYX Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick. I definitely didn’t plan to go in and come back out with all this, but it’s all good lol


I’m just going to be doing a review on the makeup products for now. I haven’t had a chance to start my DIY projects just yet.

  • Tarte Hybrid Gel Foundation is O.M.G!!! It didn’t disappoint at all. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for this due to it being a gel. I figured it would be heavy and look horrible on my skin. I wasn’t able to get the shade to match me perfectly because they were out of stock so I got a shade darker but it turned out to work pretty good for me.
  • Tarte Pro Palette is one of the favorite palettes. They colors are so pretty on, they are easy to blend out, and they are pigmented. My eyelids were a little dry the day I tried it but the shadow didn’t cling to the dry patches at all.
  • Makeup Revolution Blush in my opinion was the perfect shade for me. It is pigmented and goes on great.
  • The Makeup Revolution Highlighters are amazing, beautiful, go on great, and are pigmented! I don’t have them in front of me and forgive me for not listing the shades of them but I will post a picture and swatches of them later, I PROMISE!
  • NYX Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick in French Maid is such a pretty color. I’ve noticed I tend to stick to the brown/neutral colors and sometimes some that have a pinky undertone. These liquid lipsticks never disappoint, they have to be my favorite.
  • Wet N Wild Mascara is a no-go for me. It didn’t give me the volume that I’m use to and love. It would be perfect for bottom lashes though
  • Wet N Wild Mascara Primer didn’t impress me either. I don’t do lash primers and now I know why. I didn’t see any difference in my lashes when I used this. 

I haven’t had a chance to try out the Elf Face Palette, either of the L.A. Colors products, Wet N Wild Makeup Wipes, or the new beauty blenders.

When I try these products I will post an update on how I liked them, so stayed turned!!


XoXo, Molly

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