My YouTube Subscriptions


Do you ever wonder who your favorite YouTubers subscribe to? ME TOO!! Well did you know that you can find out just the answer to that?! I had no clue until now which makes me love YouTube even more…I think. I already have a list below, there’s no telling how many I will add when I see who my favs follow and get inspiration from.

If you don’t know how to find out who your favs are subscribed to then follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Type in your YouTuber
  • Click on their name to go to their page
  • You will see different tabs under their name(usually consists of home, videos, playlists, channels, about, & maybe a few others)
  • You want to click on CHANNEL


I have noticed some don’t have anything on theirs. There are different categories as well that they group them in; whether that be who they’re subscribed to or their favs. I have also seen their subscriptions show up on their “home” tab, just depends how they have it set up or recent activity on subscribes.

I will definitely be checking out who my favs are subscribed to. I will probably be adding more subscriptions to my own list and maybe you will too!

Here are my current favs that I am subscribed to: 

  • Tori Sterling
  • NikkieTutorials
  • Bree Osborne
  • Cosmobyhaley
  • Amy Macedo
  • Hailie Barber
  • Emily Susanah
  • Nicol Concilio
  • Jaclyn Hill
  • Muakays
  • Haley Myers
  • Jayblissy

A few of them don’t use their YouTube to upload videos, so check out their insta for videos.

I tried to add links to their names so you could click on them and go straight to their page but it wasn’t wanting to work. Still working on that for ya though!

XoXo, Molly


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