About Me…Continued

                 First off, welcome back! I hope you have made your way around pretty easily and are enjoying everything so far.
There is definitely more to come that’s for sure!

                 I wanted to write a little more about myself…if I already haven’t told you enough. I want you to know where I come from and my background; some of my posts will be about it and you might be blindsided. Some posts I will warn you, will be totally random and possibly not even about beauty or fashion.

                 Just to refresh, I’m 24, in love, full time dispatcher, & have an amazing family and friends. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers age ranging from 32 to 17. My boyfriend and I have been together almost 1 year. We have a great relationship and its very funny how it all started. He was actually my supervisor at the time. He tried for months to take me out and I wasn’t feeling it lol. We hung out here and there with a group of friends, feelings started to grow but I was still a little unsure. I didn’t want to get involved in another relationship that started out at work. But I finally got the guts to let him take me out just us; which one year ago today happens to be the day we went out. From there on I was hooked and scared about it due to his “past” that people said he had. I hung in there and gave it a shot. Since he was my supervisor we couldn’t officially date. He left soon after to pursue another career and it was official. Soon after…I’m talking soon like 6 days after we became official I moved in with him. I know I know, I’m crazy but it was actually one of the best decisions we both ever made. So here we are almost a year and we are happier than ever.

                 Another thing I would like to share is very touchy but its something that helps me cope with it when I talk about it. Three months ago, November 6th to be exact,  whole world changed. I lost the first best friend that I ever had. She was someone I could talk to when I didn’t have anyone else, she was the strongest person I knew, and she was beautiful inside and out. My mother is now my forever guardian angel, stands beside me, and watches over me daily. It is a daily struggle and hurt that I can’t pick up the phone and call her or go to her house and see her. She battled a tough battle for 3 years. She hung in there when she wanted to give up. She fought not only for herself but for her kids.

                  Along with my mothers passing, I also struggle with anxiety and depression. My mother dealt with it and I  never really understood when she would have panic attacks, freak out for no reason, or even to cry for no reason. But I completely understand what she went through. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s so hard to explain to someone who doesn’t deal with it how you feel. You don’t have an explanation for your actions. I have good days where I go out and live a normal life; I have bad days where I sit at home and cry ALL day. People around me will ask what’s wrong and when I said “nothing” or “I don’t know”,  I get a look like I’m some crazy. Some people think crying is a sign of weak. But I choose not to believe I am weak. I choose to know I am strong; strong enough to make it through the day and not let this awful thing get in the way of me living a happy life.


XoXo, Molly

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